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Ultima is totally dedicated to the line business and we are committed to making our products the best on the market. We have the resources, equipment and technical expertise to ensure our products are the best.

We work closely with a large group of the most respected consultants from around the world, who field test our products day in, day out; in the most demanding conditions possible. This is to ensure our products will perform in the toughest fishing situations.

Ultima’s combination of quality, performance, reliability and service make our range of fishing lines undoubtedly the best there is.

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Ultima Power Carp XR

Ultima Power Carp XR£19.95

Ultima Power Carp

Ultima Power Carp£19.95   £18.95

Ultima Zero

Ultima Zero£19.95   £18.95

Ultima Power Steel 4oz

Ultima Power Steel 4oz£12.95

Ultima F1 4oz

Ultima F1 4oz£11.99   £9.99

Ultima Powerflex Tapered Shock Leader

Ultima Powerflex Tapered Shock Leader£8.99   £6.99

Ultima Red Ice 4oz

Ultima Red Ice 4oz£8.99   £6.99

Ultima Powerflex Crystal Shock Leader

Ultima Powerflex Crystal Shock Leader£5.99   £4.99

Ultima Powerflex Fire Orange Shock Leader

Ultima Powerflex Fire Orange Shock Leader£5.99   £4.99

Ultima Seastrike 4oz

Ultima Seastrike 4oz£5.99   £4.49

Ultima Memor-X

Ultima Memor-X£4.99   £3.49


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items