Sonik Sports

Sonik Sports ....... A Dynamic Company with a Big Vision.

One which aims to provide anglers all over the world with superbly designed fishing tackle that sets new standards for quality, performance and value for money.
At Sonik, our passion for designing and developing world beating fishing tackle is founded on many years of experience, both as anglers and industry professionals. By working closely with our chosen manufacturing partners, and liaising with our team of approved guides and consultants, we are confident that the knowledge and experience captured in every SONIK product will show through.

As a company of anglers, our creativity, commitment and enthusiasm extends into more than just product development. We all recognise the need to put something back into the sport from which we derive so much pleasure. We are proud therefore to sponsor a number of fine organisations who, in our opinion, do outstanding work helping to care for our sport and the waters we all enjoy fishing.


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Sonik XTI 2 Man Bivvy

Sonik XTI 2 Man Bivvy£529.99   £479.99

Sonik XTI 1 Man Bivvy

Sonik XTI 1 Man Bivvy£449.99   £399.99

Sonik XTI Supadome Brolly System

Sonik XTI Supadome Brolly System£349.99   £299.99

Sonik SKS 1 Man Bivvy

Sonik SKS 1 Man Bivvy£169.99

Sonik Tournos 10000 Reel

Sonik Tournos 10000 Reel£199.99   £129.99

Sonik SKS Bedchair

Sonik SKS Bedchair£99.99

Sonik Tournos 8000 Reel

Sonik Tournos 8000 Reel£149.99   £99.99

Sonik Tournos 8000FS Reel

Sonik Tournos 8000FS Reel£149.99   £99.99

Sonik SKS 1Man Bivvy Overwrap

Sonik SKS 1Man Bivvy Overwrap£89.99

Sonik Tournos 6000 Reel

Sonik Tournos 6000 Reel£134.99   £89.99

Sonik SKS Black Carp Rods

Sonik SKS Black Carp Rods£69.99  -  £74.99

Sonik SKS Hi Legs Chair

Sonik SKS Hi Legs Chair£69.99

Sonik 6000FS Black Reel

Sonik 6000FS Black Reel£59.99   £49.99

Sonik SKS 6000FS Reel

Sonik SKS 6000FS Reel£39.99   £49.99

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Page 1 of 2:    30 Items