Loyalty Points Scheme

www.shop4tackle.com likes to reward repeat customers, and our website now offers our customers the chance to collect Loyalty Points every single time you shop with us. And with our new Loyalty Point Scheme you get more that just points you also get a permanent discount against everything you buy.

We now have three membership tiers which are FREE and are based on the amount of money you spend. The following table shows the three tiers, the point eligibility and the discounts applicable. 


Membership Tier Points Eligibility Discount Applicable
 Silver 50 2%
 Gold 250 5%
 Platinum 500 7%
Plus every item in our shop carries with it a loyalty points value of ONE POINT per pound, and every point you save in your account totals £0.03p. These points can be traded in when you shop with us, meaning you'll actually save money every time you place an order!


If you buy an item from us priced at £10.00 you'll earn 10 loyalty points for your account, and these loyalty points are worth £0.30p off any additional order from Shop4Tackle.

You can save as many or as few loyalty points as you like. All you need to do to start saving them up right now is sign up for a free account with us and place your first order online. Once your first order has been placed you'll be able to log in to your account and view your total points earned.