After the turn of the new millenium, the demand for well-designed, innovative specimen gear was becoming increasingly apparent. We worked with angling consultants on an entirely new range of items, designed for carp, pike and barbel anglers, and it has been incredibly successful.

We have never rushed products onto the market. All of our items stay in development until we are certain that they actually offer an improvement on what was previously available to the specimen angler.

30Plus is a rapidly growing brand, and is being seen in more and more tackle shops across the UK and internationally. If you're in pursuit of big fish weighing 30lbs or more, have a look at the 30Plus specimen range.

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30Plus Big Eye Spoons

30Plus Big Eye Spoons£8.29   £7.79

30Plus Streamline Rattler Lures

30Plus Streamline Rattler Lures£6.99   £6.59

30Plus XS Rattler Lures

30Plus XS Rattler Lures£6.99   £6.59

30Plus Seven Strand Trace Wire

30Plus Seven Strand Trace Wire£4.99   £4.79

30Plus Dead Bait Sticks

30Plus Dead Bait Sticks£3.79   £3.59

30Plus Mini B Spinner Bait Lure

30Plus Mini B Spinner Bait Lure£3.29   £2.99

30Plus Vision Slider Float

30Plus Vision Slider Float£3.39   £2.99

30Plus Willow Spinner Bait Lure

30Plus Willow Spinner Bait Lure£3.29   £2.99

30Plus X-Strong Barbed Trebles

30Plus X-Strong Barbed Trebles£3.29   £2.99

30Plus X-Strong Semi-Barbless Trebles

30Plus X-Strong Semi-Barbless Trebles£3.29   £2.99

30Plus Pencil Loaded Dead Bait Floats

30Plus Pencil Loaded Dead Bait Floats£3.19   £2.79

30Plus Traditional Pike Bungs

30Plus Traditional Pike Bungs£2.79  -  £2.99

30Plus 12g Dumpy Slider Float

30Plus 12g Dumpy Slider Float£2.59   £2.29

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Page 1 of 2:    21 Items