Gardner Covert Corkscrew Swivels

Gardner Covert Corkscrew Swivels

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Brand:  Gardner



Gardner Covert Corkscrew swivels size 8 are very simple to use and remarkably strong.

  • Anti-glare black finish reduces visibility under water.
  • Smooth spinning and completely reliable, they are the strongest quick change component available.
  • Design of ‘corkscrew’– allows looped hooklinks to be attached and removed quickly and effortlessly, ideal for using when fishing with small hookbait PVA bags or sticks to save having to totally break down the rig. Just unclip your rig, thread on the bag or stick with a Gate Latch Needle then reattach and cast back out.
  • Size 8 swivel eye is sized perfectly to fit securely into all size 8 lead clips ensuring the lead is safely discharged before the swivel is released from the lead clip (IMPORTANT).
  • No need to use additional silicone sleeves or stops to hold the hooklink or component in position.
  • Easy twist attachment offers the fastest and most secure change of hooklinks and other key components.


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