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Innovation, quality and reliability are the foundations of the Gardner brand. Since the company was started by Richard Gardner in 1980, we have brought a huge number of products to the carp fishing and specialist angling markets that have literally revolutionised and shaped the sport we love Ė changing the way we all fish. Where would we be if key products such as spods, pods, buzzer bars, PVA and many more hadnít been invented?

The company has evolved and the range of products we produce has grown in the years since we first sold the original Buzzer Bars and Aluminium Banksticks, but the companyís policy of striving to manufacture high quality, reliable products that wonít let our customers down has never been diluted. We are still in essence a family run business with a small team of employees who work hard to develop and supply products that will help you to hook and successfully land more fish.

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ATT V2 ATTx Transmitting System

ATT V2 ATTx Transmitting System£190.00

ATT V2 ATTx Deluxe Receiver

ATT V2 ATTx Deluxe Receiver£134.99

ATT V2 ATTx Receiver

ATT V2 ATTx Receiver£85.00

ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarms

ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarms£79.99

ATTs Bite Alarms

ATTs Bite Alarms£75.99

ATT V2 ATTx Transmitters

ATT V2 ATTx Transmitters£36.99

Gardner So Solid Sticks

Gardner So Solid Sticks£11.99  -  £17.99

Gardner Camera Angle

Gardner Camera Angle£11.99

Gardner Pro Dark

Gardner Pro Dark£9.99

Gardner Pro Light

Gardner Pro Light£9.99

Gardner Slinga Catapults

Gardner Slinga Catapults£2.25  -  £9.99

ATTs 4 Mag Rollers

ATTs 4 Mag Rollers£8.70

Gardner Medic Plus

Gardner Medic Plus£6.99

Gardner Ultra Blades

Gardner Ultra Blades£5.99

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