Dynamite Baits Robin Red Stick Mix 1kg

Dynamite Baits Robin Red Stick Mix 1kg

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Brand:  Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits


Robin Red Stick Mix

This product rounds off the Robin Red range perfectly. The deep red colour and strong smell that comes from the addition of Haith’s devastating original Robin Red carp attractant makes this stick mix ideal for use with all baits and not just the Robin Red Boilies.

If you want to add a few freebies to this Stick Mix you can add a few broken boilies or some of the Robin Red Carp Pellets.

It is totally PVA friendly and can be used straight from the bag. If you want to make it slightly damper then you can add some of Dynamite’s Robin Red Liquid Attractant and the mix will still be PVA friendly.

The Range;

  • The kilo bags are available in Shelf life in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm
  • Pop ups in 15mm
  • Liquid Attractant
  • Hookbait Dip
  • Stick Mix
  • Feed Pellets 4mm and 6mm
  • Pre-Drilled Pellets 8mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm
  • Groundbait



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