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Loyalty Membership Scheme Launched

Friday, 30 August 2013  |  Admin

With the merging of the Tight Lines UK and Shop4Tackle websites we are pleased to launch the Loyalty Membership Scheme.

The Loyalty Membership Scheme will be based on a points system and is totally free to those with a registered account. You are awarded points with every purchase and based on the purchases you will gain extra discounts. For every £1 you spend then you will be awarded 1 point. Here is the list of membership tiers, points required for each tier and discount applicable 

Membership Tier Points Eligibility Discount Applicable
 Silver 50 2%
 Gold 250 5%
 Platinum 500 7%

On top of the above membership discounts we are also giving you money for every point earned. 1 point is equivalent to 3p (£0.03p) and this can be saved for that special item or used as discount on future orders. 

As a special thank you to all our existing customers any past purchases will be included and Loyalty Points will be added to you accounts.


PLEASE NOTE: This scheme can not be used in conjunction with any other discount codes and or discount promotions on Postage costs are also NOT included towards your points.